Adding to the Seven Wonders of the World?

It’s been a week of marvellous, amazing, remarkable sights and sounds this week from around the world; three of them really caught my attention and involve art on aluminium, mountains and salt!  Are any of them a match for any of the Seven Wonders?  Well, you decide, but I think so…

Travel to Australia and you want to make sure a visit to the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site and listed as endangered last year.  Travel there this December and you’ll get a chance to see more than you expected.  This week, six works of art by local artist BJ Price were unveiled as part of their Undersea Art Exhibition.  The art are aluminium ‘abstract expressionist’ prints that have been designed to complement the amazing coral gardens of the reef.  It is a surprise that this amazing underwater ‘garden of Eden’ is not a already a representative of the ‘Seven Wonders’, ancient or otherwise, and it is hoped that the artist’s works of art will inspire people to visit the reef to raise much-needed awareness.

My second wonder is just over 5 metres tall, no more than a hill, and located in one of the most beautiful, serene places in the world; it’s a mountain!  Well, that’s what a hotel resort is claiming…  The Maldives is considered one of the lowest lying nations in the world; their mountain, Mount Villingili, which is just 5.1 metres in height and if confirmed, will become the lowest lying peak worldwide, but the highest spot on the islands!  And if you’re planning on visiting the amazing islands, you can go on a tour of Mount Villingili and walk to the summit, receiving a certificate for your efforts!


My third wonder is partly natural and partly man-made, and involves a substance with which we are all very familiar… salt!  Ask anyone about salt and you wouldn’t blame them for thinking of the grains we put on, or in, our food to add taste, nor the larger chunks that are spread on our roads during frosty, icy weather.  But it definitely isn’t a product that many would think of as beautiful; but miners in Romania would disagree with you!  Near Cluj in Romania is an old 17th century salt mine from which more than 3 billion tonnes of salt had been carved out and removed.  This mining left huge white chambers, but now these voids been transformed into a magnificent, quite awe-inspiring theme park and spa, complete with a boating lake, an entire Ferris wheel, and you can play a ground of mini-golf… what better place to relax and receive a deep-tissue massage 400ft underground!


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