As the French strike and cause huge travel disruption, the British may follow suit!

As France’s air traffic controllers’ strike continues, which has already resulted in hundreds of flights being cancelled and caused huge disruption to passengers’ travel plans, Prospect, the union who represents around 90% of air traffic controllers in Britain, have announced that should NATS make compulsory redundancies, they will call a strike ballot… and that could mean an Autumn walk-out.


NATS is the company responsible for air traffic control; they are wanting to make a 10% cut in staff as their contribution to Single European Sky, an EU scheme that has been developed to theoretically ‘harmonise’ what is considered a patchwork of air traffic control across Europe.  Brussels believe Single European Sky will reduce carbon emissions and delays; however it is caused a massive negative reaction with members of the European Transport Workers Federation, not a union you wish to upset as they represent 11 countries!

To date, air traffic controllers in Hungary, Slovakia and Belgium have followed in France’s footsteps which saw about a quarter of all flights cancelled whilst other services suffered from severe delays.  This has led France’s transport minister, Frédéric Cuvillier, to urge Brussels to return to the drawing board and re-think their proposals.  Whilst the British Air Transport Association has played down the possibility of a ‘summer of discontent’, German air traffic control management has also issued a similar call to Brussels.

On a good note, it was great to hear that easyJet has agreed a deal with the new owners of London Stansted airport, which could lead to a doubling of passengers at the airport over the next five years.  What is even more encouraging is that the new deal may well lead to progressively lower charges as volumes of passengers rise.  easyJet also reached similar agreements with Gatwick and Edinburgh airports.

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