Road Conditions for London airport travellers

Date: 18/01/2012 
Time: 17:00

Snow update

Snow will stop later this afternoon and that there will only be flurries tomorrow.

All our customers travelling from London airports; their journeys will not be efected. 

Gatwick to Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Southampton taxi transfers was good service all day.

Date: 18/01/2012 
Time: 15:00

Heathrow Airport flight cancellations:

Some of the flights has been cancelled due to weather conditions, please check your flight status from Heathrow  Airport offical site:


Gatwick flight status:

Due to the heavy snow in Gatwick there are some flight cancellations, please visit Gatwick airport offical site for last minute flight updates.


Date: 18/01/2012 
Time: 13:30

According to the latest updates the snow is due to contunue for the next two days. according to the latest road traffic update th M4 motorway is affected the most, so travellers are advised to plan ahead and leave sufficiant amount of time for their journeys. Again according to the latest flight updates houndreds of flights have been cancell as a result of the weather and many others affected by huge delays. We advise our passengers to recheck their travell plans.

If you have a flight from Gatwick please check M23 & M25 motorway conditions

If your flight is from Heathrow please check M4 for London travellers and M25 for travllers from outside London.

If you have flight connection from Heathrow to Gatwick or vice versa, please check conditions on M25 motorway


All our vehicles are working in normal condition but please call us on 02086887744 for latest updates


Let there be snow… somewhere else!

Up and down the country, snow has affected our travel arrangements this week, be it cancelled flights due to poor visibility, delayed train services due to ice on the rail, and unmade journeys due to impassable roads… and on that last note, I would like to say that I believe this year, councils up and down the country have done an excellent job this year; many of our roads were gritted early, including some ‘B’ roads, and despite more snow falling during the week, our roads remained clear which enabled many more people to get to work, more children to get to schools (schools closed for just one day), causing less disruption for many.

Coupled with the snow falls, we’ve had sub-zero temperatures overnight turning compacted snow into ice.  Some of the terrible incidents included a BBC crew stranded on the Mendip Hills in Somerset; a boy fell through ice in a Birmingham park, and was thankfully rescued by the fire service; two cars skidded off a road in the same place into a lake; airports cancelled dozens of flights due to poor visibility and icy conditions; rail operators revised schedules, with some services cancelled.

Worst hit areas appeared to be Scotland and Wales, with strong winds causing drifts, and Northern Ireland have seen their fair share, too.  And as we come to the end of the week when a degree of normality appears to be returning with forecasters advising of rising temperatures and rain, we receive fresh, new warnings of further snow expected over the next few days and into the weekend.  Amber alerts have been issued to parts of the Highlands, Grampian, Strathclyde, Central, Tayside, Fife, south-west Scotland and Lothian and Borders for Friday morning and into Saturday.   And this amber warning is likely to extend into northern England and the Midlands.

At Heathrow Gatwick Transfers, we recommend that if you are planning a journey, be prepared.  Wear warm clothes and sensible footwear; don’t forget the gloves and scarf!  Make sure mobile phones are fully charged, and you have money with you.  Advise your destination of your journey’s route and estimated time of arrival and if you’re travelling by car, put a blanket and extra clothing in the boot, plus a hot drink in a flask.  Before you leave, check the Internet for the latest travel conditions; if you’re flying, check your flight is on time with the airline; if you’re travelling by rail, go to the National Rail website where you can find out if there are any delays or cancellations; if you’re travelling by road, check online for the state of motorways and other roads.

All of our vehicles are working normally, and our chauffeurs are highly experienced in driving in these weather conditions.  Make sure you leave plenty of time for your airport transfer, and if you have any concerns, please contact us at any time, or visit our website for updates on current travel updates.