As the battle for a third runway at Heathrow battles on… I’d rather watch the Paralympics!

Yet again, the war rages on over whether Heathrow gets a third runway, and most of the ammunition is coming from and being aimed at David Cameron, the Prime Minister.  Tim Yeo, former environment minister, seems to have made a U-turn and is now an advocate of expanding Heathrow in order to prevent a ‘dignified slide towards insignificance’… not that U-turns are alien in politics!

Adding to the tension is the Parliament’s All-Party Aviation Group’s warning that the UK will be ‘left behind on airport capacity where demand is greatest’; the report declares that ‘capacity constraints’ at Heathrow are likely to ‘restrict the UK’s economic potential’.  Strong words; the report goes on to urge ministers to take immediate policy action, either to develop capacity at Heathrow, or to build a new, purpose-built hub airport.

As far as Downing Street is concerned, there is to be no U-turn and there are ministers gathering to lend their support, like Justine Greening, Transport Secretary, with a constituency that is below Heathrow’s flight path… there are another four constituencies similarly affected.  But expansion is not without its critics…

Boris Johnson, London Mayor and who has struggled to gain favour for his plans for a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary, has called upon the government to ‘seize the moment’ when it comes to expansion.  Supporters tout the argument that the UK will ‘lose out’ to foreign rivals because of limited capacity, and in recent months there are more positive rumours circulating that those high up in the government are becoming more attune to the idea of a policy review; Cameron has issued an emphatic ‘no’ to a U-turn – it’s a Coalition pledge, and one that looks like he is going to keep.

With the London 2012 Paralympics’ opening ceremony on Wednesday and the games set to be the best yet – quite fitting when you know that they started humbly at the world-famous Stoke Mandeville Hospital by Dr Ludwig Guttmann, and were known as the Stoke Mandeville Games.  As get ready to watch, admire, respect and be humbled these amazing athletes as they not only battle others from many worldwide nations for a medal, but also battle against their own disabilities, it puts the third runway battle between politicians in the shadows… maybe they have something important to learn from the world’s Paralympians.

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