We remember those this Remembrance Sunday…

This year’s Remembrance Sunday is a time to remember our soldiers, those who lost their lives for others, not just in the historic World Wars, but also in more recent wars in foreign countries.  The statistics alone from World War I are enough to remind us what was sacrificed all those years ago for our freedom – around 20,000 British soldiers died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme; almost 12,000 Commonwealth soldiers are buried at Tyne Cot cemetery, near Ypres, and an additional 35,000 are listed as missing; over 250 tonnes of unexploded munitions are found every year along the Western Front, the result of 1.45 billion shells fired between the Allies and the Germans over four years of hell.  Throughout the UK, there are just 52 villages, known as the ‘Thankful Villages’, that welcomed home all their soldiers from the First World War; none are in Northern Ireland or Scotland.  In France, there is only one…  and that’s just from one war.

This week will see many families, friends, compatriates, soldiers, heads of state, royal family members, and more making a journey to remember and attend Remembrance Day ceremonies, be it the UK, France, Belgium or elsewhere.  This year, memories will focus on the heroic acts of many during the opening weeks of the war - the Belgians resistance at Liège, Namur and Antwerp to hold back the German advance; the first British soldier killed – Private John Parr – when the BEF first met the Germany army; the miraculous night-time retreat by the British attempting to hold the Mons-Condé Canal line, avoiding being trapped and outflanked by the Germans, and resulting in the two British soldiers receiving the first Victoria Crosses of the war.  The history books are full of such acts of bravery, commitment and courage so that you, I, and our children may live in freedom.

This Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, this Sunday, wear your poppy with pride.  Every city, town and village will be commemorating this day; make the effort to attend and remember those who gave their lives, to give you the life you now have.

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We will remember and every member of our staff will wear our poppies with pride this weekend.