Heathrow – Gatwick

Heathrow and Gatwick as widely known are the busiest two airports in the country. It could be said that one can find flights to any destination in the world through these two airports. Although they are two separate airports it is often the case that passengers will need transfer from both airports therefore making the transport between the two airports a key.


For example anyone wishing to travel from jersey to London can only fly into Gatwick airport and if they then want to fly elsewhere, for example a destination which there are no flights for from Gatwick then they will be going for Heathrow as the first alternative as it is allot bigger and has more flights to many destinations.

The geographical locations of the two airports and the transport infrastructure in place make it very easy for a transfer from one airport to another. The two airports are approximately 45 miles apart, Gatwick being in the southern part of London and Heathrow being in the east. The journey time between the two airports is approximately anything between 45- 1 hour depending on the level of traffic.

There are hounded of people that need transfer from one airport to another on daily bases, and the underground or the over ground facilities are not in place to provide a direct link between the two airports making it more important for the local hire companies to provide this service.

The normal cost of a transfer between the two airports is around £55 for up to 3 passengers, and based on 3 passengers travelling it works out to be around £18 per passenger, which compared to the train is very valuable as it is a direct door to door service and does not involves waiting for trains with your luggage’s.