Lapland calling…

As Christmas draws nearer, the call of meeting Santa Claus – no, not the man dressed in red with a white beard in the Grotto – from many a child (and some adults!) in his homeland of Lapland starts to ring in our ears.  Why, do you ask, do I want to visit a place that is colder than my own country?  Because there’s more to Lapland than just remembering our childhood and meeting Santa Claus!

Lapland, a Nordic area with a landscape that’s white and pure, with frozen lakes and frosted trees, simply delivers magic!  Of course, for children, the main reason for visiting Lapland is to deliver their Christmas present list by hand to the great man himself.  But Lapland is not as rural as you may think; try your hand at skiing, visit the famous Ice Hotel, and see the fabulous Northern Lights which, this year, are supposed to be at their best!  Stay in a glass igloo, or an arctic luxury cabin, or even a tree hotel!  Don’t feel safe on skis?  Have ago at Husky sledding, sleigh rides or tobogganing!  There’s also snow hockey for those looking for something a little energetic, or you could be working for your supper when you try your hand at ice fishing!

An absolute must-see is Santa Claus Village at Rovanieme, Santa’s official home.  Post your Christmas present list at the Santa Claus Post Office, marvel at the stunning lit ice sculptures, and don’t forget to Santa Park!  An amazing underground amusement park featuring elf shows and workshops, an ice bar and ice galleries, Mrs Claus’ famous kitchen, and a special Christmas carousel!

We would also make one more recommendation – Lainio Snow Village, located in the heart of magnificent scenery above the Arctic Circle.  The snow village has been created and built with just snow and ice and offers a truly unique experience.  Stay at the outstanding Ice hotel; enjoy an aperitif in the ice bar before taking a seat in the restaurant.  Snow and ice sculptures are beautifully lit, and there’s also plenty to do for children, too, with a whole range of snow slides!

If you haven’t been to Lapland at Christmas time, then you must!  It is an experience that is just as exciting and refreshing for adults as it is for children.  You will wonder what took you so long!

We had to smile this week at Heathrow’s latest request – wire walkers to change the light bulbs in Terminal Five!  Along the ceiling of the terminal that sits 120 feet high, there are 120,000 light bulbs, of which 60% have blown and none have been changed since 2008!  A company specialising in high level rope work has been hired to carry out the project of replacing these bulbs, which is said will take approximately 4 months and several million pounds to complete!  You would have thought that the powers-that-be would have had a solution for this scenario when designing the terminal!  Sadly not…

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