Low cost airlines leading the way!

When it comes to adding new routes and cutting charges, it appears that the low cost airlines are leading the way!  But then it’s the low cost airlines that have to deal with narrower margins and can’t afford to sit back and wait to see what happens; they need the business, they go out there and get it!

This week, EasyJet has announced the addition of 10 new routes for summer 2014 for those holidaymakers that are planning to travel from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  London Gatwick is the main beneficiary, hosting 4 of the new routes to Brittany, Newcastle, Paris and Jersey, but Glasgow, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Belfast international airports also benefit.  The new routes are inland and overseas including flights from Belfast to Bordeaux and in France and Jersey, Edinburgh to Heraklion in Crete and Bodrum in Turkey, and Glasgow to Split in Croatia, as well as to the lovely Greek island of Kos.

Ryanair also announced a range of improvements, in light of recent criticism about baggage rules and extra charges.  With effect from 1st December 2013, passengers will now be allowed to take a second ‘small’ carry-on bag on-board, i.e. a small ladies handbag or a small shopping bag from the airport.  But that’s not all... From 1st November 2013, all flights prior to 8.00am and after 9.00pm will have public announcements restricted to just the necessary safety messages, and cabin lights will be dimmed so that passengers are able to comfortably snooze or sleep.  Also, Ryanair are introducing a ‘grace’ period during which passengers are able to adjust and correct any minor errors, i.e. a spelling mistake, free of charge (currently, to make such a change costs £110 per person!). 

But Ryanair haven’t stopped there; they’ve cut their extra charges, too!  From 1st December 2013, their boarding pass re-issue fee will be drastically cut from £70 to a mere £15.  Plus, from 5th January 2014, they are cutting the fee they charge for checking in luggage at the airport in half, from £60 to £30 per bag!

All welcome news, and something that Ryanair needed to do to start to redress the damage recent scandals have invoked on the airline.  Michael O’Leary, chief executive of Ryanair also announced that they are attempting to lose their ‘macho’ image with a new, slightly revealing(!) 2014 calendar…

EasyJet and Ryanair are definitely leading the way in easing the burden on our pockets when it comes to going on holiday, but are these new routes, initiatives and cutting of charges enough to make you want to fly with either low cost airline?  Possibly…

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