Austerity cuts and tax rises start to bite hard, but isn’t it necessary for the Eurozone to survive?


Trade unionists and angry workers in the airline industry have been voting with their feet this week against the planned austerity cuts and inevitable tax rises throughout Europe.  They have called a series of Europe-wide strikes, from Wednesday, including grounding flights, closing schools and shutting down airport transport. 


Spain and Portugal are the two countries leading the strike action in what has become known as “European Day of Action and Solidarity”, with further action to take place in Greece and Italy.  Spain’s principle unions, CCOO and UGT have declared “They are taking away our future!” and pickets have sprung up in airports and at railway and bus terminals.  As a result of this strike action, over 600 flights have been cancelled by airlines, such as Air Europa, BA, Ryananir, Veuling, easyJet, Iberia and Air Nostrum.

With people garnering themselves for their impending winter breaks abroad and skiing holidays, surely strikers are setting themselves up for a battering from the general public unable to get to their destination due to cancelled flights?  Many passengers are re-booking their flights on alternative dates and that has a knock-on effect on any accommodation they’ve booked, and whilst they are being allowed to re-book their flights free of charge, the same may possibly not be said for any accommodation.  Hitting the pocket of British holidaymaker before they’ve even left the ground will not gather support for their action, and may even act as an extreme negative.

Every one of us, due to the financial crisis across the UK and Europe, is cutting back; we all have to adhere to austerity measures, be it our own or those inferred on us by other dominant forces, i.e. the government, and worldwide we are taking on board tax rises in order to redress huge financial deficits, be it the British pound, the Euro or any other currency.

Staging strike action on such a large scale within the airline industry that has a knock-on effect on the general public due to the cancellation of an enormous number of flights, the very ‘hand that feeds you’ by booking flights to foreign destinations for whatever reason, might well be perceived as a step too far by many…

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