Delays worsen at Heathrow… but not at Heathrow Gatwick Transfers!

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have just released their latest figures which, performance wise, don’t look good for London Heathrow airport!  According to the figures, more than 1 in 4 flights in and out of Heathrow were delayed during the spring period, principally because of the bad weather we experienced at that time of the year.  Unfortunately, compared to last year, the airport’s performance hasn’t improved!

CAA’s guidelines say that airplanes which leave or arrive over 15 minutes behind schedule are deemed to be late, and Heathrow have come out as being the worst performing airport in Britain; only 73% of flights left or arrived on time, with an average delay of 12 minutes.  The airport’s poor performance also coincided with the problems they had with their immigration service, with some passengers having to wait over 2 hours just to get into the country.  Supporters of Heathrow’s expansion are putting the poor performance down to the airport’s lack of capacity and are urging government to re-consider a third runway.

A spokesman for CAA said: “A drop in performance for scheduled flights is a warning sign – more can be done, and we urge airports, airlines and air traffic control to work together to reverse this trend, reduce delays and ensure even more passengers reach their destination on time.”

BAA responded: “The fall in punctuality at Heathrow earlier this year was due to the exceptionally poor weather from April to June, which was the wettest on record.  Storms also heavily restricted flight paths around the airport.  Heathrow is more vulnerable to poor weather than other airports because it operates at 99.2% capacity – meaning there’s no slack in the system.”

The Daily Telegraph also revealed earlier this year that passengers face more delays flying in to Heathrow than at any other airport in Europe.  Eurocontrol, who are responsible for air traffic control, released figures that demonstrated that airplanes spent more time on the runway awaiting clearance for take-off to Heathrow than its rivals.  Not good reading for BAA who operate Heathrow airport… and not particularly encouraging for those of us wishing to travel by air via Heathrow!

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