Gatwick Insight

Inside the Terminals:

As previously mentioned the airport is divided into two separate terminals and both supply shops, restaurants, landside and airside. Great facilities are provided for baby changing rooms and video games for children. For Business travellers have lounges offering business facilities. Furthermore, the airport has several on- and off-site hotels. These range from executive to a capsule hotel. The airport has Anglican, Catholic and Free Church Chaplains. In addition, there is a multi-faith prayer room and counselling room in each terminal.

Safety and Security:

The Sussex police (call 101 or emergecy call 999) is responsible for policing the whole airport, including aircraft, and in certain circumstances, aircraft in flight. The 150 officers attached to this district include armed and unarmed officers, and community support officers for minor offences. Above all else the entire airport is monitored by CCTV operators 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week. With drug squad (sniffer dogs) and UK Border Agency which was approved in 2009 has also been securing the airport for those trying to enter the country illegally.


There are many hotels around Gatwick for all passengers and local customers; however there are two main hotels famous for its short stays. One of which is the Sofitel Hotel and the other is the Hilton Hotel. With similar prices (around £57-£60 per person a night), it is ideal and recommended by most users who pass by Gatwick. They are both local to the airport and with great facilities. The Hilton Hotel are for those that travel south and Sofitel Hotel for those travelling north.


Currency exchange – There are 0% commission and with competitive exchange rates and an exclusive chance to exchange currency via debit or credit card.

Luggage compartments – Open from 5.00 – 21.00 there are compartments where luggage can be left that are security checked for hours or even days depending on the customers’ requests.

Lounges – There are lounges if you want to avoid human traffic and crowded area by simply having your private space where you can enjoy complimentary, snacks, drinks, newspapers and magazines.

Internet facilities and cash machines – Before and after security there are many internet desks for those with broadband-connected PCs. You may also find phone-style internet kiosks where you can check your email or surf the web, however all of these facilities are in both North and South Terminals. There are also a number of cash machines available (ATM’s) before and after security all around the terminals. These ATM’s do not charge for cash withdrawals.