How do I travel between airports?

There are various forms of transport that can be used to get you from one airport to another, some more time consuming than, some more comfortable, and some costly.  If you’re lucky enough to have a relative or friend that is prepared to pick you up and drive you to the airport, then you will have no need for any other form of transport.  However, if that is not the case, then you will need to avail yourself of other forms of transport.

On the lower forecourt of the South Terminal, and from the upper forecourt of the North Terminal, are coach stations.  Coaches travel regularly between the airports; they are fully air conditioned and the journey time direct to the right terminal at, say, Heathrow airport is approximately 50-60 minutes.  Your luggage travels in special areas underneath the coach, and there are basic toiletry facilities.  However, there are some drawbacks; you will be restricted as to the amount of luggage per person, usually no more than two suitcases, space is limited (a bit like an airplane!), and the time you travel depends on the time the coach is set to leave so this needs to be factored into your journey time should you need to catch a connecting flight. 

Gatwick’s railway station is directly linked to the South terminal, and can also be reached from the North terminal via Gatwick’s transit train which runs every three minutes at peak times between the terminals.  Train tickets can be booked in advance online or at Gatwick’s rail station.  Although the journey time is approximately 40 minutes to London, it doesn’t take you directly to another station, but to London Waterloo.  From there, you will need to either take a taxi to get to London Heathrow airport, or a bus to London City airport.  Again, there are drawbacks to the train; train departure times are determined by the rail operators timetable so this needs be considered should you be travelling for a connecting flight, there is limited space on the train and you will need to keep your luggage with you so ensure you don’t have too many suitcases, and because of this, it could make travelling with a young family stressful!

There are plenty of taxis that can be found at the exit of the terminal buildings at Gatwick airport which would be happy to take you to, say, Heathrow airport.  There is more space for your luggage and for you; journey time is approximately 45-50 minutes, and takes you directly to destination.  However, you are not able to pre-book, unless via a private taxi firm, and the cost could be prohibitive.

An alternative is to book an airport transfer service with Heathrow Gatwick Transfers who provide an efficient, competitively priced transfer service.  Their chauffeur ‘meets and greets’ you in the Arrivals hall, escorts you to their executive vehicle, and drives you in comfort to your destination.  You can pre-book online for a time that suits you, waiting time is free should it take time for your luggage to come through or any delays, and if you need a baby seat, that’s free, too!  Make your journey between airports, or your hotel, easy, book with Heathrow Gatwick Transfers.