Dedicated Olympic lanes open as the event draws near


This week saw the opening of some of the dedicated Olympic lanes as athletes, coaches, officials and others connected with the Olympic lanes arrived in the UK; they will all be open and restricted to other users by 25th July.  But it has to be said, as these lanes opened so the confusion and adversity began.  Many drivers weren’t aware that they had opened and as the use of these lanes ‘illegally’ carries a hefty fine, you can imagine the chaos as people rapidly tried to weave their way back into the traffic out of these lanes.  No doubt, in a few days’ time when all are familiar with the lanes, it will all run smoothly.


At the moment, only the M4 route is open to ensure that those who are arriving into the UK have an efficient access route to the Olympic Village.  Nicknamed the ‘Zil lanes’, the Olympic routes in and around London, as well as to other Olympic venues, such as Weymouth where the sailing is taking place, makes up around 30 miles of road.  Within this, there will be roads that are dedicated to athletes, officials, VIPs, sponsors and the media; these will be the Yellow routes.  Red route roads which are made up of the ‘core section of the Olympic Route Network (ORN) will be open to the general public as well but there will be major restrictions, i.e. bans on parking, no right-turns, pedestrian crossings suspended, traffic lights being phased and no public entry from side roads.  Blue route roads will only be affected on days of competition and are along the routes that athletes will take from the Olympic Village to venues like Wembley Arena, Earls Court and Wimbledon.


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It is expected that 1,262 athletes and coaches, and a further 3,008 Olympic-related personnel will arrive through Heathrow on 24th July, and whilst coaches and buses have been organised from the airport to transport athletes, they will be very busy, there will no doubt be waiting times to fill seats and they will be incredibly full once all bags and equipment have been added. 


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