Leading airlines warn of travel chaos during the London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics 2012 is, without doubt, going to attract an influx of people, principally via our airports up and down the UK.  No-one can deny that an event of the magnitude of the Olympics is anything but good for industry and the country as a whole, however it will put a strain on our travel infrastructure, and this is what the UK’s leading airlines are concerned about.

Airlines, including British Airways, bmi, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic, have warned that our airports, and particularly London airports, will potentially suffer from disruption and severe delays unless action is taken to maintain regular scheduled flights, increase capacity and prevent disruption as much as possible.  In the South East, London Heathrow is the world’s busiest international airport, closely followed by London Gatwick, with London Stansted and London Luton airports featuring in Europe’s ‘top 50’ of the busiest passenger airports.

London Heathrow currently sees approximately 3,800 passengers fly in to the airport per hour; about the same number fly out, and London Gatwick isn’t far behind these figures.  It is anticipated that air travel will increase, but so too will passenger traffic into the UK via our seaports, including Dover and Southampton, with many visitors and competitors to the Olympics travelling by car or van due to the need to transport equipment. Heathrow Gatwick Transfers specialise in airport transfers between the four main south eastern airports, as well as covering journeys to and from our seaports.

The Department for Transport (DfT) have stated that they “… are committed to delivering safe and efficient transport services for the London Olympic Games, and aviation is clearly a major part of this.”  They have announced a series of special measures in order to preserve schedule air flights from disruption during the Games.

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