Ways to travel from Gatwick

1-National Rail and Underground Services

Trains from Gatwick are available at all hours 7 days a week, depending on where you travel and what time will affect the price of the tickets. It depends on the peak or off-peak hours and day of travel. Weekends tend to be cheaper than weekdays.

  • From Gatwick via train to London Victoria can vary from 37 - 57 minute train journey time with prices ranging from £13.50 - £18.90 on weekdays.
  • From Gatwick via train to London Victoria can vary from 30 – 38 minutes and prices range from £5.00 - £18.90 on weekends.
  • Journeys from Gatwick to Heathrow can take around 1 Hour 30 minutes – 1 Hour 45 minutes and requires a change at Victoria on most occasions (depending on where in London Heathrow) and cost around £13.70 - £22.50



To travel via bus from Gatwick, you must be located in the south terminal bus station in order to use the bus service. The payments for the buses also vary and can only be paid once the passenger makes their way on to the bus. Regardless of its time and day the fees for the bus will be the same and has fixed prices.

  • Transportation via bus from Gatwick to London Victoria requires a change at Stockwell Station at Lambeth Road taking bus 2 towards Marylebone Station. This journey depending on the bus waiting time can take roughly 1 Hour and 30 minutes. The fee of the bus journey will be around £2.30 - £5.00
  • To travel to London Heathrow (All Stations) from London Gatwick requires several changes duration of the journey will take considerably more. One of the many routes that can be taken will require a 16 minute with First Capital Connect to London bridge which where the passenger will need to change to go East Croydon, from that point to catch the X26 bus that will take them directly to Heathrow. This journey takes around 2 hours and the price may range from £5.00 - £7.60


Transportation can be provided in many ways as the most preferred will be cabs. They are the quickest, with great comfort but are the highest in price.

  • Prices may vary through companies contacted for transfers, amount of luggage and number of passengers. However, for a 3 passenger saloon vehicle from London Gatwick to London Heathrow, prices range roughly from £55 upwards. The journey duration roughly will roughly take an hour, depending on the time of day and day of travel.