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If you’re going on holiday on a cruise ship, then chances are you will be departing from Southampton docks.  Of course, if you’re planning on visiting the Isle of Wight then you will probably be going across the water with your car but if not, then I would recommend you read on.

Cruise operators out of Southampton include Royal Caribbean, P&O, Celebrity Cruises and the famous Cunard line travelling to destinations in the Baltic, Mediterranean, Caribbean and North America.  There are four cruise terminals or berths along two miles of coast in Southampton – the Queen Elizabeth II terminal, the City terminal, the Ocean terminal and the Mayflower terminal.

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      There are three principal ways of travelling to Southampton in order to board your ship – by coach or bus, by rail or by private transfer.  The journey to Southampton from central London is about 80 miles in distance and travelling by coach is probably the cheapest route, i.e. with National Coaches, but it is also the slowest and will take approximately two and a half hours.  There are some coach packages that will also stop off at tourist destinations en route, such as Stonehenge.  However, there are certain drawbacks to travelling by coach.  There is a limit to the amount of luggage you are allowed to take with you.  European restrictions state only two cases are allowed in the coach’s hold and weighing no more than 22kg (44lb).  In addition, the coach doesn’t stop at the seaport but at a terminus a short distance away, so you will need to get a taxi to take you to right terminal. 


      Travelling by rail is another option and it is a quicker journey time than travelling by coach.  However, you, again, have restrictions which are the same as you have for travelling by coach.  In terms of luggage, you are limited by what you can not only carry, but also by how much space you will have on the train to store your luggage.  There are no shuttle train services so you have to rely on everyday consumer trains, travelling with other members of the general public, and if you are having to travel during a rush hour period, then there will be even less space available for your luggage!  As with coaches, the train station is a short distance away from the Southampton port terminals and requires a short taxi journey to the Southampton terminals.


      With both of these travel options, you also have the added headache of getting yourself from your home , hotel or from an airport if you have travelled down from another part of the country, to either the coach or rail terminus.  In central London, the coach operates out of Victoria station, whilst with rail you can travel from Waterloo or, of course, from other regional rail stations.  This will involve arranging a lift from friends, family or the hire of a taxi.


      The most flexible and easiest way of travelling to Southampton is by private car transfer.  Heathrow Gatwick Transfers (HGT) provide a comprehensive and personal private transfer service, collecting you from either your home, your hotel or from an airport, and taking you directly to the right Southampton terminal.   In planning your journey, we take our time to make sure that we get you there on time, allowing for any potential traffic delays.  Put your journey to your seaport in our safe hands so that you arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy your cruise.


      For comfortable, relaxing long journeys, we offer the comfortable vehicles with professional and experienced drivers. From all Terminals at Heathrow Airport to Southampton cruise, we offer great deals for all passengers, weather you are travelling alone, as a group or even with children. A full offer of the package from larger vehicles, baby seats, free greeting services and free waiting time are offered to confirm full comfort for your journey.


      From Heathrow to Southampton is roughly 65 miles, the journey duration can vary around 80 minutes. There are no straight journeys via public transport. At Southampton, 2 miles apart from one another, there are 4 cruise terminals. These can be difficult to reach and may increase the cost of your journey.

      However, the transfers offered for these long journeys has no hidden extra costs, full fixed prices and we have the latest executive vehicles with experienced professional drivers to make your 65 mile journey, a comfortable ride.


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