UK air fares under ‘correct’ price, but we’re being taxed to the tune of £2bn!

As we near the end of our traditional holiday season, many of us are assessing the true cost of taking a holiday and bemoaning how much we’ve had to pay out!  But according to researchers, UK’s air fares are under their estimated ‘correct’ travel price for worldwide flights!  Researchers came up with an equation to establish the ‘correct’ price for a one-way, economy-class ticket; their conclusion results in a price of £32, plus 7p for every mile of flight.  Thanks to low cost, no frills airlines and passengers shopping around for the best price, most British travellers pay much less than the global average (makes a change, doesn’t it!).

The study, conducted by Rome2rio, an Australian travel planning website, examined millions of economy fares across thousands of airline routes, and a 20th percentile fare (80:20 rule) was adopted in calculating the rates per mile.  Just about all airlines use ‘yield management’ pricing to maximise their earnings per departure, and vary fares depending how the flight’s sales are going.  And it isn’t just the short haul flights that are cheaper; comparisons found that many long haul flights from London also delivered better prices.

However, before you start heading to the travel websites to book your next holiday, more new research released this week suggests that British holidaymakers are being heavily taxed on a yearly basis; around £2 billion a year, which equates to around £56 per person for each overseas holiday, and is a significant increase on 2008 when it was just £500 million!  This research was carried out by the Taxpayers’ Alliance who discovered that when you combine all the taxes applied to holidaymakers – VAT on pre-holiday shopping, holiday insurance tax and the dreaded Air Passenger Duty (APD), the burden has exponentially increased, adding yet more pressure on families that are already struggling and in debt!  We British already pay far more APD than any other holidaymaker worldwide, and April’s increase the fifth in recent years…

As they saying goes, they giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other!!  No wonder UK air fares are below the ‘correct’ price; if they weren’t, I doubt many holidaymakers would even glance at the travel websites, let alone book a holiday!

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