Sir Howard Davies adds his view to the Heathrow crisis

Sir Howard Davies, the man whose job it is to find a solution to the shortage of runways in the South East, has made the bold move of vocalising his thoughts on Heathrow following the publication of the discussion document yesterday (Thursday) by the Davies Commission.  Davies believes that in solving London’s aviation capacity crisis, it is necessary to ensure that there is a provision for flights through other UK airports.  He said: “It’s been made very clear to us in our regional visits that, unless we think about connectivity to London, we will miss a big part of the picture.”

The discussion document reported that the number of UK domestic destinations from Heathrow had fallen, and there is an ongoing fear in some locations – Belfast and Edinburgh to name but two – that constrain the airport like Heathrow is now, then regional flights will suffer as the airport goes after links to China.

In a blunt statement, Davies said: “It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to produce a set of short-term options which will massively increase the capacity at Heathrow.”  He then infers that without a brave enough government, it is unlikely to change, adding that perhaps a new government may be more willing to tackle the problem?  Perhaps he should concentrate more on working with the incumbent government who isn’t going anywhere before 2015?  Then we might have a chance of getting something done!  The Commission is due to report their recommendations on airport expansion by Summer 2015.

Heathrow Airport has been operating at more or less its capacity for years, hence the reduction in destinations from a high of 175 in 2006 and a focus on the more lucrative locations.  The options suggested include a third runway at Heathrow, a new ‘Boris Island’ airport in the Thames Estuary, and another runway at Gatwick Airport… we await the final recommendations.

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